Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2011

i know that posting a 2011 pre-fall collection is very, very late in fashion time. although i have always paid attention to fashion, i somehow completely missed out on pre-fall collections! i don't know how this happened but thank god i decided to browse it on style.com because i would have been unaware of an absolutely amazing collection by alexander mcqueen. (so elegant, chic, and crisp crisp crisp!) mcqueen collections always go beyond people's expectations but this 2011 pre-fall lineup inspired by nautical and military theme is all the things that i personally love.

I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS LOOK... the structured dress is a thing of beauty and art.

kate middleton wore this exact outfit recently. i'll post her pictures soon :)

i'm not a big fan of this color but the structure of the dress is gorgeous. i can see it in white and have it be a wedding dress.

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