this blog is a vast collection of my interests that range from fashion and style to the arts, traveling, and food. this is simply an outlet for me to express my desires, dreams, and thoughts.

as for the title, gold leopard...
i chose it because it combines two of my favorite things and this blog is a place for me to gather things that i love and that inspire me.

my obsession with gold started pretty young when i would put on my mother's gold clip-on earrings and talk to myself in front of the mirror, flashing the accessory to imaginary admirers. i like gold embellishments on clothes or gold-hardware on bags and shoes. but when it comes to jewelry, i simply must have it in gold

the latter part, 'leopard,' of the blog title comes from my awe of felines and love of leopard prints. i love the ferocity of panthers, the speed of jaguars, and fierceness of leopards. their piercing eyes and their lean body are beautiful yet scary, understanding yet chilly. i also love the leopard print because of its versatility and the feminine-yet-powerful sense it imbues.